Flat Rock 2018

Cold Wind on Flat RockWednesday 16 May 2018 Although everywhere lower was pleasant enough, the same could not be said for the open high points on Flat Rock.Up there the wind had quite a bite and we were there for a while eating lunch.The views from Eastern Lookout were good, but even better from Western Lookout, but cloudy conditions kept the scene somewhat dull.
It took 2:15 to walk to Eastern Lookout on Flat Rock and 2:35 return via Western Lookout, a short Flat Rock side trip and Guvys Lagoon and seat.Total distance 14.6k

Flora at Last

Floras Falls – Silver Falls
Tuesday 15 May 2018
Following information that identified where floras Falls were, the incentive to make a visit was strong. The official name is Silver Falls and when we were last looking for Floras we had the intention of going to Silver Falls to check, but lost enthusiasm.It was just a short distance from where we had parked the car below Collins Cap. Prior to our walk the area had been subject to very heavy rain, causing flooding in Hobart. Now four days later there was a good flow in the creeks and Silver Falls Creek could be heard as we started to descend the steep slope of the reserve, then cascading water came into view. After 25 minutes the top of the falls and it was obvious that this was a significant waterfall, with plenty of water flowing it was in fact quite stunning. The falls are in an amphitheatre and in 3 sections totalling some 45 metres in overall height drop. He first drop has a sizeable overhang making it very easy to walk behind, whilst t…

Devils Gulch

Tuesday 24 April 2018 Having a need to get home by 4 PM, the walk chosen was on kunanyi/Mount Wellington. The destination was Devils Gulch via the Ice House Track and circling part of the lower South Wellington shelf.
Dave T intended to come, along with Neville and Dave H, but circumstances forced him to pull out. A morning drink was to be at the top Ice House, which always looks like it would be just after another bend in the track, but never is; of course, eventually you do arrive. The pad towards Devils Gulch gives the appearance of not getting as much use nowadays, and a couple of false leads were encountered. We gingerly clambered down the large boulders to the bottom of Devils Gulch which provides quite a splendid view along the fissure. The shelf beyond is level, nice bush and easy walking and it was here that lunch was called.

After resuming the track to Potato Fields was met and followed for a while before again taking to untracked bush to reach Smiths Monument. From here, the tr…

Letterbox Gully

Tuesday 17 April 2018
After reading a report of a group going to Letterbox Gully at Heathy Hills, I looked at the map and noticed that there was such a gully, but it was definitely not where the walkers described.   In fact, it is at Harry Walker Tier to the east.   Satellite images indicated some prominent rock features, most likely sandstone and it seemed worth a visit.   We have been to Harry Walker Tier on previous occasions with Dave and he organised the access for this walk. Once past the farmland and up on Harry Walker Tier, Eucalypts totally dominate.  Walking is easy and pleasant, although the vista it mostly fairly uniform and level.  Lots of litter from the trees is everywhere and the signs of past logging visible but so old and sparse that it is not much of a detraction.

Eventually the country changed, and Letterbox Gully was before us. Descending wasn't a problem and we came below a cliff to find a sizeable cave. As did a couple of others we had passed, there were what l…

Mount Montagu

Tuesday 20 February
The track is along the eastern flank of Thark Ridge then climbs to a saddle.  At this point it follows the ridge top through very pleasant snow gum country before dropping through a rocky section to a heath plain to the southern end of Thark. The track is mostly quite distinct to where it meets the end of an old fire trail, however the last kilometre was now getting quite overgrown and had to be pushed through in parts.
All along the Thark Ridge part of the walk there was mist but this cleared soon after dropping off the ridge and from then on we had a sunny day. The temperature was mild and pleasant with virtually no wind.  It was easy relaxing on the Mount Montagu summit and this was made even more so by the fact that pesky insects, such as march flies and mosquitoes were not present. But the 3 hours walk ahead eventually forced us to start back.

Whilst on the summit we could hear a distant helicopter sound and the source was revealed when we reached the Springs. A …

Wellington Falls 2018

Tuesday 13 February 2018
The level and relatively good surfaced Milles Track does not give a good indication of what is in store on the walk to Wellington Falls. After the Snake Plains junction, the track gently descends, but it soon becomes rockier underfoot and even more so for the crossing of Potato Fields.  Both these sections seemed longer than my memory of them, but that is a very common with me.  Beyond it was easier walking, with delightful sections of thick Richea dracophylla (candleheath or dragon heath) forming a canopy over the track in spots.
The whole of the track was been trimmed since last visit, the normally damp bits draining off South Wellington were dry and day very good for walking.  Wellington Falls weren’t gushing, but there was still a decent volume of water going over.

From the Springs it took 2:45, with a morning break. Return for the 6.4k was 2:25
Total time with all breaks was 6 hours for the 12.8k walk.
Total ascent:   566 m              Avg. moving speed:     …

Not Boronia Moor

Wed 31 January 2018 It seemed that it may be reasonable, but there had not been enough sun to sufficiently dry the vegetation from the overnight rain.  This made pushing through scrub for 500 metres an unenticing prospect, so walking to Boronia Moor was replaced with a trip along the track to river flowing out of Lake Dobson and back.
We looked up at the horizon, after finishing lunch in pleasant sunshine on Kangaroo Moor, and saw dark clouds approaching. Showers arrived soon after departure and remained for most of the walk back to the car. 

More photos at this link.